About Us

Lior Textile Industries - Protecting People

Since its establishment in 1976, by Mr. Nissim Bookris, Lior Textile Industries is the market leader in supplying dynamic and resources solutions.

The ability of Lior Textile Industries to assure top quality design and products stems from experience acquired over more than thirty years of cooperation with the IDF and other Israeli security units and from "real time" field testing.Lior Textile's unique manufacturing site sets new industry standards in production speed, flexibility, and Quality.

L I O R' s  Goal – To Protect you Today, Lior Textile Industries has expanded its activities to include a wide variety of protective solutions for military and security forces, public services and civilian markets.

Together with the use of the most advanced machines and fabrics, we owe our success to detailed control of the production process using high-quality work standards where organizational discipline within a professional atmosphere is stressed.Quality Assurance Activities: R&D, Design, Manufacture of the state of the art protective clothing and products. All products are subject to rigorous tests and standards.

The main standards applied are: NIJ Std , IDF Mil-spec, US Mil-STD/Spec, DIN, NFPA, ASTM, EN and more.Quality Control –ISO 9001:2008 and the highest quality standard "Level A" of the Israeli MOD.

The Crocodile For us  is more than a clever symbol . . . On land and in water the crocodile functions withan amazing combination of intelligence, strength, flexibility, speed, blending into its surroundings, and working perfectly in the most dangerous situations.The same multi-faceted combination of strength, flexibility, lightweight, and blending into surroundings are designed into our products to give maximum protection under the most challenging conditions.